It'll make you ooh ooh.
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  • When Britney Spears releases anything new, you pay attention. It doesn’t matter what you actually think of it, it’s Britney, so it’s important.

    We already reported on the release of her latest song “Make Me…” from her upcoming album, but now she’s also released the new video for it.

    The music video centers around a casting call for the music video itself, allowing Britney and her group of gals to watch a bunch of dudes come in and try to impress them through various stunts and, well, abs. If you pay attention, you’ll even notice Asaf from the current season of MTV’s reality dating show Are You the One? (and, yes, So You Think You Can Dance, but let’s prioritize here).

    Ultimately, what music video-Britney is looking for is a guy who she can have great chemistry with and who, um, makes her “ooh.” Does she find him? (Spoiler: duh.)

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