Here’s A Mini-Episode Of Improvised Rick And Morty For You Addicts

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  • The next season of Rick and Morty is still a little ways off, so here’s a minisode to keep all of you addicts satiated.

    New York Magazine gathered the cast of Rick and Morty and had them do an improvised mini-episode with the show’s creator Dan Harmon and writer Ryan Ridley.

    The premise of the episode is getting Summer into college while also creating some sort of legless Morty who’s knees have been injected with 120cc’s of feces. Luckily, Rick and Morty’s antics somehow pave the way for Summer to get into Harvard and spending the next 20 years there.

    It’s a pretty fun, fully improvised on the spot episode despite it being interrupted by a cell phone ringing.

    Are you stoked for Season 3 of Rick and Morty? What do you think is going to happen? Let us know here in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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