We're so ready.
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  • The Marvel TV universe hasn’t had as much time to expand as the film universe, but now that we’re embarking upon its third Netflix show (fourth overall, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), the excitement is starting to roll in.

    We were first introduced to Luke Cage in Jessica Jones. In the first season, he’s an indestructible broody good guy who’s still in mourning over the loss of his wife. By the end, he’s parted ways with Jones and been introduced to nurse Claire Temple, who also appeared in Daredevil and will show up in this latest series as well. Luke Cage will pick up a couple months after Jessica Jones ended, and will take place in Harlem rather than Hell’s Kitchen like the other two shows.

    All episodes of the first season will be released on Netflix on September 30th.

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