Master’s Student Nails His Thesis With a Clickbait Title

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  • Masters thesis
  • Ola [Last Name Redacted] is a student at the University of Oslo in Norway came up with a brilliant idea to spice up his master’s thesis.

    When told that he would have to create an interesting title, Ola took the challenge seriously and turned to the classic clickbait headline, usually found on the dark corners of the internet. It reads:

    Other master’s students hate him. Find out how he finished his thesis with this simple trick

    Ola took a photo of the thesis which he posted to Reddit with the caption:

    “The university told me to make my thesis title as compelling as possible. So I did,”

    Since being posted, the photo has been upvoted 4,729 times and has garnered 246 comments. In the comment section, Ola remarked that the title might not be final considering the subject matter of the thesis:

    It’s an evaluation of how HTTP adaptive bit-rate streaming solutions affect cross traffic. Haven’t actually decided on the title yet.

    We think the title is perfect.

    If your thesis had a clickbait title, what would it be? Tell us in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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