No, this is not Episode VIII.
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  • Can you believe we’re getting new Star Wars films? It still feels surreal, doesn’t it? Yet here we are. The Force Awakens captivated our hearts and our wallets last December, and now we have Rogue One to look forward to. And as of last night, we even have the first official trailer to get us pumped for it even more.

    We don’t know a ton about Rogue One, but we do know it doesn’t follow The Force Awakens. It’s part of a new Star Wars anthology series and will be set sometime in the past. Felicity Jones plays the lead character, Jyn Erso, but mostly what we know about her is that she’s committed a long list of crimes, and the Rebellion doesn’t seem to be sure they can trust her “without [her] shackles.”

    All the mystery only helps make the trailer more enjoyable, so we’ll let you search it for clues yourself. And settle in for the long road to December 14th!

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