These Irish Brothers are Winning Hearts With Their Post-Olympics Interview

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  • Interviews with victorious Olympic athletes are hard to beat when it comes to feel-good videos, and this one is no exception. Paul and Gary O’Donovan had a hilarious chat with Irish broadcaster RTE after winning the silver medal in rowing at the Rio Olympics, and they’re quickly becoming an online favorite.

    “We’re in Rio,” Gary pointed out moments after being introduced, with the Irish flag tied like a cape around his shoulders. “The background might look superimposed but it’s very real.”

    Asked what the last few hours had been like for him, Paul said, “Yeah, I suppose we did a bit of celebrating and did the podium thing and got to put on the podium pants as well, so that was quite nice.” He went on to talk about seeing “da mudder and da fadder” (Irish accents are the best) and described trying to pee into a cup for drug testing after drinking ten liters of water. “I’m a bit full up now, to be honest.”

    As for Gary, he was mostly focused on getting something to eat. “I’m fairly hungry now, but I believe they’re on their way with some pizza for us.”

    The brothers both joked that they regretted missing the uproarious celebrations going on in Ireland.

    Of all the memorable moments to come out of the Olympic games, this one’s definitely a keeper.

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