This Cabinet Grows Weed On The Fly And Does It Discreetly

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  • If you’re looking to grow a little pot on the sly, this little cabinet has you covered!

    The Grobo cabinet is touted as the most advanced home-growing system ever created. Now it’s not specifically just for week, but really it’s kind of brilliant. The faded glass keeps what you’re growing super discreet and even better? It requires very little work if any.

    The cabinet has a custom set of growing chemicals, that it distributes based on your plants needs. All you have to do is add water and seeds and you’re pretty much done. It automatically adjusts the lighting, and will do it’s best to give you the best yield, and it has a carbon filter to eliminate any smells the plant might produce! The app will also notify you when it’s time to harvest your crop, so you don’t even have to set the calendar reminder. It’s the pot version of set it and forget it!

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