This ‘Firefly’ Animated Teaser Breathes Life and Hope Into the Series

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  • Artist Stephen Burne dropped a trailer for a potential animated “Firefly” series, that might breathe some fresh air into the cancelled show.

    Fans are already crying for this to be made real and we couldn’t agree more. The main issue with continuing the Firefly series has been the fact that the show has been off the air for so many years that it would be difficult to continue, since you know, actors age. Not to mention the irreparable damage done by ‘Serenity’ where *mild spoiler alert* a major show character was brutally killed off.

    An animated series can take place any time and any place. It could be based on the comic adventures which take place between the end of the series and ‘Serenity.’

    Either way, fans are pumped. Here’s hoping the studios might give this the attention it deserves and gives the show another chance.

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