Seth Rogen Takes Over A Woman’s Tinder!

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  • Some things should not be left in the hands of others, and that includes your Tinder account!

    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a celebrity take over someone’s Tinder. Recently, Eric André & Hannibal Buress traded phones and ruined each other’s lives. Now, it’s Seth Rogen’s turn.

    Except no one has his phone, but he has the phone of a producer named Sheena.

    Rogen swiped right on several potential candidates, and even messaged a few who have already messaged Sheena. The conversations surprisingly, weren’t terrible (okay a couple were) but at least everyone was having fun!

    Except for those guys who thought Sheena actually had this kind of personality and will realize everything was based on a lie, leading to a deep rooted insecurity of online dating causing them to quit Tinder forever.

    Ya never know, right?

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