PewDiePie Tells Fans To Stop Showing Up At His House

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  • Apparently, no one cares about other people’s privacy anymore because PewDiePie just had to make a video telling fans NOT to show up at his house.

    Look, we get it. It’s super easy to connect with a YouTuber than most other celebrities because creators have a tendency to invite you into their lives. They do this not just through their professional content, but through all their social media platforms and vlogs. However, that does not give fans the right to track down where this person lives and take it upon themselves to invite themselves over.

    There’s a very fine line between fan behavior and stalker behavior, and visiting someone’s private residence without consent definitely crosses that line. The recent tragic death of Christina Grimmie shows us what happens when a fan drives themselves to far, so it shouldn’t be surprising especially now, that you might not be a welcome random guest at your favorite creators place.

    There’s a lot of love shared between creators and their fans, and there are appropriate ways to express that. Showing up at someone’s house is not one of them.

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