“Pokémon Go” Musical Pokes Fun at Players

By Rachel Kiley
Another day, Pokémon parody.
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Even though the think pieces on Pokémon Go have slowed down, we’re still getting a fair amount of videos — walkthroughs, vlogs, and, of course, parodies.

    The Key of Awesome had to get in on the action, throwing together what they call “Pokémon Go THE MUSICAL,” detailing the lives and derailments of a variety of Pokémon Go players through song. Naturally.

    Though the parody demonstrates a lack of accurate knowledge about the game that will annoy some diehard fans, it’s still amusing for what it is. We could probably do without the base level mockery that any non-players seem to take so much joy in (at least be more clever with your mockery, guys!) but Key of Awesome never fails to at least get a few laughs.

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