Watsky Releases Music Video About How Terrible the World Is

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  • George Watsky (better known as just Watsky), YouTube rapper and musician, released his latest album x Infinity earlier this month. We’ve already been treated to two music videos from this particular release (“Talking to Myself” and “Midnight Heart”) and now the third is here.

    “Brave New World” (ft. Chaos Chaos) is Watsky’s analysis of the current state of our world and society — police brutality, global warming, lack of compassion — the list goes on. He alternates between real conditions and comparisons to sci-fi tropes, with the chorus incredulously proclaiming “you couldn’t write this sh*t, no.”

    The video itself features Watsky standing in front of a choir and being CGIed into a bunch of different outfits representing different people/caricatures, all in a somewhat eerie warehouse-type location. It maintains the relative simplicity his other videos from this album have had, which leaves more room to focus on his words.

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