Where Was Thor During Civil War?

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  • Not all the Avengers can be in every standalone movie. The characters have lives! They’re busy! They— okay, realistically it would probably just be too expensive to hire the actors for every film and come up with storylines for their characters that made it worthwhile. They don’t NEED to be in every film. But sometimes it does bring up some questions.

    This was certainly the case with Captain America: Civil War, when Steve Rogers and Tony Stark and a handful of the other Avengers were all up in arms fighting each other but Thor and Bruce Banner were nowhere to be found. Way to not support your friends, guys.

    Well this little faux interview/documentary video shown at Comic Con aims to show us just what Thor was up to during the spat. An absolute must for any Marvel fans.

    Would you watch a movie of Thor just sitting around trying to blend into society rather than always trying to save the world from imminent doom? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

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