Sexist at Amy Schumer Show for Some Reason Heckles, Gets Thrown Out

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  • Look. We get it. Not everyone likes Amy Schumer as much as we do. From her original sketches to her stand-up to her other public appearances, Schumer seems to draw controversy everywhere she goes. Whatever you think of her, can we at least agree that no one should be the victim of bullsh*t sexist heckling?

    Schumer performed in Stockholm, Sweden recently. Partway through her show, a heckler wearing an “I LOVE PUSSIES” t-shirt shouted “SHOW US YOUR TITS!” Here’s the original video from Schumer’s official YouTube channel:

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  • Despite the heckler being an obnoxious pile of human trash, Schumer handled it pretty well. No screaming, no telling him to perform near-anatomically impossible acts with himself — nope, Schumer decided to leave the heckler’s fate up to the audience. And they voted he be thrown out of the show. Good riddance.

    It seems that every time a new heckling story breaks, people jump in with their dumb opinions about how heckling is actually good or neutral, rather than one of the worst things you can do in a comedy show. Contrary to what YouTube and Reddit seem to think, comedians hate being heckled. One commenter on our YouTube video even wrote that “Most comedians actually enjoy being heckled because it’s good for their image when they destroy the heckler.”

    As someone who did stand-up for over half a decade, this could not be further from the truth. Comics work for years to put together a perfect routine. Memorizing a solid hour of jokes is hard as hell. Every time some drunk idiot decides to make the show that everyone paid to see about him, it takes all of a comic’s restraint not to lose his or her goddamn mind. Throw in some lazy sexism and I can’t believe Schumer didn’t just throw something at this guy.

    Final observation: what the hell was this dude doing at an Amy Schumer show? I can see sexist hecklers showing up to lesser-known comics’ shows, but Amy Schumer is arguably the most famous female comic in the world. What did he think was going to happen? I don’t know, maybe his (now ex-) girlfriend dragged him to this thing.

    What do you think? Is heckling always wrong, or are you a giant dumbsh*t? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.


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