Major News Networks Stop Everything to Report on Cute Bears

By Peter Lundquist
  • Who says bears can’t be cute? They’re cute when they play in baths, and they’re cute when they play in pools. Personally, I prefer my cuteness with a touch of danger. Like these cute bees and this cute python. They’re snugglably deadly!

    Local news stations in Southern California sent out literal helicopters when they learned that bears had been spotted in Pasadena. Fox News and CNN both jumped on the story, interrupting whatever else was going (probably the dang ol’ election, am I right?) to show footage of the bears frolicking in a pool, digging through a dumpster, and eventually getting chased away by a brave little dog.

    Here’s Fox’s coverage:

  • Or, if you prefer your cute bear footage without Hillary Clinton digs, here’s CNN’s:

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  • Now that’s what I call bear-eaking news! (Please no one fire me for this pun.)

    What do you think? Is it okay to talk about cute bears on the news, or should Fox and CNN stick to the issues? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.