Top 5 Strange Fetishes on YouTube

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  • Here’s a good phrase to keep in mind when you’re wandering through the weirder corners of the internet: “My kink is not your kink and that’s okay.”

    Speshly if your kink involves playing with your nostrils or wearing a diaper. No judgment, honestly, but some of this sexual stuff never even occurred to me.

    Just for kicks, we’ve put together our top 5 strangest fetishes on YouTube — aside from anything violent or illegal, of course. Some people, for instance, get off on watching others crush things with their feet: eggs, toys, you name it. Others enjoy watching people eat fruit in a suggestive manner, and after years of emoji jokes about genitalia, that one’s not hard to understand.

    Maybe a bit more difficult to wrap your head around: getting aroused by adults acting like babies, complete with diapers, cribs, temper tantrums and pacifiers. How about “nose play,” or popping balloons? Does that do it for you?

    Human sexuality is a bizarre thing sometimes.

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