Chair Flipping Makes Bottle Flipping Look Like Coin Flipping

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  • Remember the bottle flipping trend from a few months ago? Here, let me refresh your memory with this clip of a high school auditorium treating a bottle-flipper like he’s in the f*cking Beatles:

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  • Bottle flipping is all about flipping a bottle in a creative way and getting it to land the right way. New Zealand’s Corban Baker and Cosmo Everett-Wells think that’s baby stuff. They don’t flip bottles. They flip chairs.

    Baker and Everett-Wells went viral recently for a short video they released of themselves flipping chairs, mostly successfully, and dabbing, wildly unsuccessfully. Here’s the original video from Baker’s Facebook, which has since earned nearly two million views:

  • These dudes are way cooler than I was when I was their age. In fact, they’re almost as cool as the guy in this GIF that beat them to the punch six freaking years ago:

  • Chair flip 1


  • Even if chair flipping isn’t the most original thing in the world, I gotta give these dudes credit for upping the ante and doing it for nearly a full minute. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. May you get an appearance on whatever New Zealand’s version of Ellen is.

    What do you think? Is chair flipping cool or lame? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!


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