This Is Why The Paralympics Are So Inspiring

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  • Never give up!

    1984 Paralympian Marcia Malsar arrived at the opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Paralympics and made her way to finish her portion of the torch relay when she unfortunately slipped and fell on the rain-soaked floor. Rising to the sounds of a standing ovation, Malsar got back up, smiled and waved to the crowd before finishing her task.

    The awe-inspiring moment was mentioned on Twitter by the Paralympic Games who saluted the gold medalist:

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  • Malsar was the first Brazilian to win a gold medal in the the 200-meter race during New York/Stoke Mandeville Paralympic Games in 1984. This year, she passed the torch to Ádria Santos – a former visually impaired runner, and the relay was finished by Clodoaldo Silva, a Brazilian national hero and six-time Paralympic champion.

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