Someone Combined Rick And Morty With Shaun of the Dead & It’s Glorious

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  • Rick and Morty fans are getting really antsy waiting for the latest season, so now they’re putting the pair in other universes just for kicks.

    YouTube creator Critters made this amazing mix of animation and film in response to this .gif of Rick and Morty visiting the Marvel Universe:

  • Unlike the .gif however, this comes complete with the high quality sounds of Rick and Morty arguing from the episode in which Rick accidentally creates a world of Cronenberg monsters while after a love potion he’s made for Morty goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    We can’t wait to see which universe the pair hits up next. Honestly, there’s really nothing Rick and Morty can’t mess with!

    What universe do you want to see Rick and Morty in next? Let us know here in the comments down below or over on Twitter at @WhatsTrending!

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