You’ve Got To See This Amazing Domino Triple Spiral

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  • Chalk this up as one of the most satisfying videos on the internet — 15,000 dominoes falling over in an intricate triple spiral that took eight days to build.

    In her latest video, domino master Hevesh5 spent a total of 25 hours precisely stacking the rainbow-colored dominoes in a wide spiral structure that could have collapsed in a moment if she’d as much as sneezed while she was building it. “This is my third-largest project that I’ve ever built by myself,” she says.

    When she was finished and tipped the first domino, it set off a perfect chain reaction along the floor of the structure, then up a small ramp to the top of the walls, and finally the walls themselves, without a single domino falling before it was meant to. It’s weirdly soothing and nerve-wracking at the same time.

    Check out the rest of her channel for more domino magic.

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