Video of Girls in Underwear Eating Hot Peppers Surprisingly Popular

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  • People have done some crazy things while attempting to eat spicy foods. There was that time an entire orchestra ate crazy hot peppers and tried to play music; the time a YouTuber harmonized to GloZell’s Hot Pepper Challenge — there’s even a whole YouTube series devoted to celebrities getting interviewed while eating hot wings. (It’s called Hot Ones and it’s great.)

    YouTubers Lizzy Wurst and Sabrina Nicole didn’t do anything crazy in their Hot Pepper Challenge. Well, other than eat Carolina Reapers, AKA the world’s hottest pepper, without any milk. That was pretty crazy.

    Here’s the original video from Lizzy’s channel:

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  • The video, whose full title is “WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER CHALLENGE (GONE WRONG) – CAROLINA REAPER PEPPER – 2.2 MILLION SCOVILLE UNITS” (nice SEO, ladies!), was posted a few weeks ago, but only took off recently — to the tune of five million freakin’ views.

    In the video, Lizzy and Sabrina each down a Carolina Reaper… then immediately lose their minds. Lizzy actually stays pretty composed, except for the screaming. Sabrina, on the other hand, looks like she’s about to die. It’s too late for Sabrina, but for any asthmatics reading this: don’t eat super-spicy peppers if you need an inhaler to live.

    Even if you’re not a perv, the video is endlessly watchable. These girls just wanted to entertain us! They had no idea just how badly this would go for them. Thanks for trying, Lizzy and Sabrina. May your future videos be far less painful.

    What do you think? Would you eat a Carolina Reaper for five million YouTube views? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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