Watch This Politician Create the Ultimate Gun Control Ad

By Shepard Price
Jason Kander, a Senate candidate in Missouri, responded brilliantly to being attacked for his stance on guns.
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  • Jason Kander, a Democrat running for Senate in the state of Missouri, has created a powerful campaign ad focused on his military history and his stance on gun control. It’s almost impossible to bring up guns without infuriating one or both sides, but we suspect this story will probably go over better than Amy Schumer’s take on guns — all because of its impressive source.

    The video features Kander assembling his rifle blindfolded, something he learned while serving in the Army National Guard. Kander volunteered for a tour in Afghanistan, where he served with the rank of lieutenant.

    Kander, Missouri’s current Secretary of State, takes the stance of keeping the second amendment, but installing more restrictive background checks so that, in his own words, “the terrorists don’t get one of these”. ‘These’ refers to semiautomatic assault rifles, one of which he is shown assembling in his ad. This type of weapon has been used in terrorist attacks and mass shootings.

    Kander is facing incumbent Republican Roy Blunt for the Senate seat. The Secretary has been the subject of an attack ad by the NRA for his stance on guns. At the end of the ad, he challenges Senator Blunt to “do this,” meaning “assemble a rifle blindfolded” — seemingly with the intention of showing who’s more knowledgeable about the firearms Senators have to legislate.

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