This Car Ad About a T-Rex Is Hilarious — and Surprisingly Touching

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  • In Audi’s latest ad for their German market, entitled “The Comeback”, a talking T-Rex explains his life with short arms in a world full of things that necessitate long ones. (Weirdly enough, the ad isn’t the strangest of the week — this one is.)

    The ad begins with an interview of the T-Rex, who has become quite sad. The Tyrannosaurus has led a pretty rough life, full of ridicule and the inability to do things because of who he is and how his species evolved. He falls into a deep depression, only wanting to stay in bed for fear of walking outside and ridiculed. The online community has gotten to even the apex predator. That is, until he discovers Audi’s new self-driving car, and, able to travel without the need for longer arms, he feels comfortable again in the world.

    The Audi Piloted, a concept car from the RS 7 model, Audi’s self-driving car, has been in the pipeline for 15 years. The technology, according to Audi themselves, has been test driven in real world conditions multiple times. So it may still be in the pipeline, but the Audi Piloted Driving RS 7 Concept may not be a pipe dream much longer.

    What do you think? Are you excited for self driving cars? Do you have tiny arms and are in need of a way to get around? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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