Letterman lights up the screen with his usual intelligence and charm for Years of Living Dangerously.
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  • David Letterman has returned to television with the series Years of Living Dangerously, an Emmy-winning docu-series in its second season which covers the effects of global warming. This is the first TV project for Letterman since his retirement from the Late Show in May 2015. You can really see his transformation since then.

    In the promotional video for Letterman’s episode of Years of Living Dangerously — the first we’ve seen of him in a good long while — he talks about solar energy. He walks in a field of solar panels in India, explaining how the second largest country on Earth plans to provide their people with power.

    At the beginning of the trailer, Letterman expresses humility as he says that he’s in no position to editorialize, but that he’s gotten into a love affair with clean energy. He asks the audience to think about the power plants of today – dirty, greenhouse gas emitting, and dangerous – and then to look at the solar panels, which are clean, easily organized, and real sciencey-lookin’. He rubs the panel, explaining that it’s safe.

    I won’t spoil what happens after Letterman kisses the solar panel, but safe to say, he’s kept his brand of physical humor.

    Years of Living Dangerously is back on Nat Geo on October 30th. Other hosts this season include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cecily Strong, and America Ferrera.

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