London Loses Its Bloody Mind Over In-N-Out Burger Visit

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  • Adele is no longer the only British person to enjoy In-N-Out, as she did after this year’s Grammys. This week, the popular West coast burger joint opened up a pop-up shop in Camden, London for just four hours. Here’s what the line looked like:

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  • I haven’t seen a line that long since Charlie Sheen’s birthday party. (Or, if you’re British: I haven’t seen a queue that big since Quincy Jones sold his necklace collection.) Zing!

    So why do people care so much about a place to buy hamburgers, when there are so many places to buy hamburgers? Because these are special hamburgers. Full disclosure, I’m a total In-N-Out fanboy — I stay sipping that In-N-Out Kool-Aid (or, more accurately, pink lemonade). That’s why I can tell you why people love them so much.

    In part, it’s because of their old-fashioned business strategy. They have resisted “going corporate”, staying family-owned for their entire history and sticking by a rigid set of philosophical guidelines — each location has its own “turf”, they don’t open franchises, and each location must be no more than a day’s drive from its meatpacking facilities.

    But mostly, it’s because the burgers and fries are so gosh-darn delicious. They’ve been broadly endorsed by celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Julia freaking Child. In-N-Out keeps it simple: just never-frozen burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, soda, and milkshakes, made by decently-paid, well-trained employees, and served quick and fresh. (In-N-Out didn’t pay me to write this, but if you’re reading this, In-N-Out social media person: please pay me to write more about you.)

    Whether In-N-Out’s brief visit to London is a sign of further expansion or just a little experiment remains to be seen. But if you’re ever in the lucky parts of the American West coast that house In-N-Out Burgers, you’d be remiss not to visit them — even if there’s a long line.

    What do you think? How much should I have gotten paid by In-N-Out to write this post? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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