Prince George Has Zero Time for Justin Trudeau’s Nonsense

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  • “Away peasant! I have no time for your foreign nonsense.”- Prince George after meeting Justin Trudeau, probably.

    Let’s be real, Prince George is no stranger to the limelight. Who else has their first birthday party at Kensington Palace?

    This week, the 3-year-old adorably snubbed the Canadian PM by absolutely refusing to high five such an insignificant human specimen.

    The critically acclaimed progressive hottie Justin Trudeau was left hanging by the world’s smallest Royal, and Twitter loves it. Trudeau thought he’d be cute and high-five the little man but NOPE. George was standing with his father when the shade was thrown. Here’s a video of the interaction:

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  • Twitter users can’t stop captioning the incident, because it’s just too perfect.

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  • What a little Prince. I feel like we are all #TeamGeorge, but is ANYONE out there feeling a little bad for Justin? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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