Katy Perry Votes Naked in This Hilarious Video for Funny or Die

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  • Katy Perry is pulling out all the stops — and tops — to get everyone to vote in this new video from Funny or Die. She’s not the only star to try and get people voting, after Joss Whedon released this star studded video.

    The video features Katy Perry heading to the polls in her pajamas. She’s looked at the constitution and it’s perfectly fine to just roll out of bed and go vote. She’s got the worst case of bed head, as she has candy and gum stuck in her hair. She’s not the only one, as she passes robe and pajama-clad voters waiting in line.

    Perry proudly proclaims that she sleeps naked, ripping off her American Flag pajamas. This distracts everyone around her, eliciting gasps. She’s immediately arrested – public nudity is, of course, a crime – and she tries to get out of it because she’s “read the constitution”, but the cops get her game and know she just scanned it.

    It seems Katy’s not the only one to try the whole voting naked thing, as Joel McHale is in the back of the police car with only an “I voted” sticker on. As the car drives away, Perry shouts the reminder that voting day is November 8th. (For all those voting locally, that is. For those of you voting by mail, it must be postmarked on or before that date).

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