Patton Oswalt Shares Story About Wife’s Passing on ‘Conan’

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  • Patton Oswalt has been through a lot this year. The comedian, who is beloved for both his extensive career as a comic and actor and for his personal warmth and big heart, lost his wife Michelle McNamara. When he won an Emmy for writing his stand-up special Talking for Clapping, he finished his speech by thanking her and their daughter Alice:

  • Outside of the Emmys, he’s stayed relatively quiet. He explained his feelings of loss in this poignant Facebook post:

  • And he’s returned to Twitter, most memorably to share this absolutely shattering comment from his daughter:

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  • In his Facebook post, he promised he’d “start being funny again soon.” And this week, he returned to Conan to do just that. In a touching, tender, and surprisingly funny interview with the longtime late night host, Oswalt revealed how he’d been living since the loss of McNamara. Here’s the original video from TBS:

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  • The video has been getting a lot of attention, with (as of this writing) nearly half a million views in just a day. Oswalt’s incredible strength and humor are admirable. Thanks, Patton. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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