Guys, Leonardo DiCaprio Is Really Concerned About the Environment

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio is returning after finally winning his Oscar, and let’s just say he’s not happy. He’s bringing the latest in climate change documentaries, following in the footsteps of Al Gore. (If you want a happier Leo, check out his prank on Jonah Hill.)

    In the documentary, Before the Flood, DiCaprio journeys all across the world. He meets with many important world leaders, including Barack Obama, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and Pope Francis, as well as with scientists who have devoted their lives to saving Earth from climate change.

    The documentary is directed by Fisher Stevens, known for producing the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary The Cove. In addition to presenting the doc, Leo’s also doing the voice over work. It seems climate change is the most pressing issue on Leo’s mind now that he’s cleared the Academy’s hurdle. Before the Flood comes in partnership with, and will air on, National Geographic, which also has the show Years of Living Dangerously (which will soon feature David Letterman). It seems they’re particularly worried about climate change as well.

    Leo has been an advocate for the environment for quite some time. Here’s him addressing the UN regarding it in 2014:

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