It’s Time to Party, ‘Stranger Things’ Style

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  • The Netflix original series Stranger Things has taken over the Internet. In fact, the show’s cast is all the Internet cares about right now. The show itself was enough to get audiences everywhere to fall in love with the youngsters, and their performance of ‘Uptown Funk’ at the the Emmys definitely confirmed they’re just the cutest kids ever!

    Since the show’s release, fans have expressed their love for the 80’s inspired theme, fashion, music, and more… So much so that there is now a Stranger Things inspired club traveling around the UK! According to Metro, the club itself is 80’s themed and is soundtracked by vinyl records featured and inspired by the hit Netflix series.

    Netflix recently reached out to the concert tour with a video showing their support and encouraging fans to attend:

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  • If it’s Dustin and Lucas approved, you kind of have to go.

    The concert tour is currently only in the UK, but let’s all hope it spreads soon. I have my Dustin costume ready… do you?

    What character from Stranger Things is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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