JK Simmons and Rob Lowe Tell James Corden to F*ck Off

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  • The last time we checked in with James Corden, he was getting humiliated by Usain Bolt in a foot race. The Late Late Show with James Corden hit a new high this week, with guests Rob Lowe and JK Simmons. And when we say high, we mean James Corden was literally lifted into the air.

    The bit begins with Corden interviewing Simmons and Lowe together, as has become the Late Late Show’s way. Corden then (supposedly) relays some bad information. He believes that Simmons and Lowe are bird-watchers. They are, in fact, the opposite – both know just about nothing about birds.

    This makes the massive, expensive game show Corden has planned a wreck. He names wrong facts about his guests — “your interest (in birds) peaked in college”, to which Lowe responds “I didn’t even go to college” — and asks bizarre questions only the most dedicated of ornithologists would know. This all happens while Reggie Watts and the band sing “Bird bird bird, bird is the word” and announce new rounds.

    Eventually, the game show gets so bad and Corden so desperate that both Lowe and Simmons tell Corden to “f*ck off”. After trying to get them to continue, feathers float down from the ceiling. Corden ends up suspended in mid-air. And Lowe and Simmons are left confused.

    It’s the funniest thing done by the Late Late Show in a while. The look on Simmons’ face throughout is really all you need.

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