This Fox News Segment Is This Week’s Most Racist Viral Video

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  • This video features unnecessary bowing, accusing a vendor of selling stolen watches, and a clip from The Karate Kid — a movie about karate, which is Japanese, in a video about Chinatown — in the first ten seconds. It gets even worse from there. In case you thought racism against people of Asian descent ended after that weird yellowface Snapchat filter, this video proves you dead wrong.

    For the uninitiated, Jesse Watters is Fox News’ answer to actually funny political comedy correspondents. I won’t link to any more of his videos — just the thought of Fox News actually getting ad revenue by my embedding the above racist garbage fills me with the shivers — but safe to say, he puts out some real trash. If you do end up falling down a Jesse Watters YouTube hole, as I did, be warned: you may never laugh again.

    He’s really topped himself with his latest video, which in general seems to be about making himself look smarter than people who speak several languages, despite the fact that he can’t distinguish Asian cultures in the slightest. There’s even a few moments where he makes fun of people for not being able to speak English fluently. Like, motherf*cker, how do you think you’d do in China?

    Favorite line? It’s gotta be when he asks an Asian-American woman, “Can you guys take care of North Korea for us?” — as if she represents the entire Chinese government’s policy. Smooth.

    Since this video started getting negative attention (it’s currently at about a 10:1 dislike-to-like ratio on YouTube), Jesse Watters tweeted out the following non-apology:

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  • Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it. “I regret if anyone found offense” is a classic way of blaming people offended by your racist sh*t for being offended by your racist sh*t, rather than taking responsibility.

    Anyway, I’m hella angry and I can’t keep writing this article. Safe to say, Jesse Watters has a lot to learn about the racial divides in America. Will he ever? Probably not!

    What do you think? Racist nonsense or racist nonsense? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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