Disneyland and Kleenex Team Up to Give Couple Fairytale Wedding

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  • Fall is considered wedding season, right? It must be, because yet another heartwarming love story has emerged.

    Earlier this week, social media was awwing over #ForeverDuncan — a couple who documented their same-day engagement and marriage.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Kleenex and Disneyland recently teamed up to give a couple the fairytale wedding they have always dreamed of.

    Meet Ben and Kerry. After having been engaged at Disneyland, the couple put marriage plans on hold due to expensive medical bills. Their plan (due to circumstances out of their control), was to plan a small ceremony, but with the help of Disneyland and Kleenex, the couple was able to have a true fairytale wedding.

    Not only was the bride, Kerry, treated to a “princess” gown for her special day, she was also given the best means of transportation around the park: Cinderella’s carriage. And, did I mention she got married directly in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle?

    The couple’s day was truly magical.

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