Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity Get in Twitter War (Fight! Fight! Fight!)

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  • Fox News Correspondents Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly.

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  • Does political news make you nervous? You’re not the only one, check out this first grader who had some feelings about meeting Donald Trump.

    In other news, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly called out her colleague Sean Hannity last night about his blatant political support for Trump, and complained that the candidate would only meet with media who backed him.

    After Kelly called out Hannity for openly supporting Trump, Hannity responded via Twitter war by accusing her of “supporting Hillary Clinton”, which is a no no if you’re on Fox’s payroll.

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  • Here’s a little video of Kelly criticizing Hannity.

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  • Over the past year, Kelly has had a strained relationship with Trump (to say the least). You may recall an incident where Kelly questioned him during the first Republican primary debate about his treatment of women. Trump later commented that she was probably just on her period, exact words being “blood coming out of her whatever”, and that was the reason she was hard on him. That really didn’t sit well with Kelly, even though they ‘made up’ on a weird episode of The O’Reilly Factor.

    What do you think? Is Kelly out of line for expressing an opinion or is Hannity riding the crazy train? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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