Ellen Meets Hero Bus Driver Who Pulled 20 Kids From Burning Bus

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  • Earlier this week, Ellen DeGeneres sat down with Renita Smith for an emotional interview. Renita is a bus driver who ran into a burning bus to ensure the children were safe. Her heroic actions saved 20 kids, and she has been celebrated in her Maryland community. It continues to show that with one act, anyone can be a hero.

    Smith said she was on her last elementary school drop off of the day when the fire started. She had just completed her third stop, and the engine light came on. She planned to stop at the fourth stop and check on it — but the bus only made it to the next stop sign. Smoke filled the bus, and the children, aged 4 to 10, were already in a single file line. No one was hurt.

    Smith got everyone out of the bus safely. She then ran back into a burning bus to ensure everyone was out. She calls the children her “babies”, and says that she takes care of them until they’re home. Smith says she was just doing her job. Luckily, it sounds like Smith had those children well-prepared for the worst case scenario.

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