Ryan Higa Tries His Best Not to Cry at Sad Videos

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  • Nigahiga, the popular YouTube channel from Ryan Higa, is back. This time, Higa brings us a response to all those “try not to cry” videos. He’s trying to make the saddest one.

    Luckily, Higa fails. What is produced instead is a look at what people think is sad. The video starts off with Higa watching these types of videos, but failing to cry. Instead, he criticizes the sadness – including laughing at a few of the videos.

    He explains that those videos are unable to make him cry. Higa then attempts to make one himself. Using his crew (a bunch of his friends) and a special focus on his cameraman, he starts brainstorming, eventually coming up with a list which includes Pixar and blue kites.

    The crew then films all these sad things. And every single one of them goes wrong. The soldier returns to the wrong home. The flies on the dog are paper, and the dog isn’t sad. The man is breaking up with himself. All in all: pretty damn funny.

    What do you think? Are there sadder videos out there? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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