The unquestionable winner of Sunday's debate was a guy by the name of Ken Bone.

  • For every serious post we do about the horrors of the second Presidential debate, we are mandated by Super Serious Internet Law to do three light-hearted ones. So we did one about the ‘debate duet’ meme, one about #MuslimsReportStuff, and now, one about the most celebrated meme person of all: Ken Bone.

    In case you missed the debate, here’s a quick primer: A bunch of terrifying stuff happened, much of it shouted. But also, real humans got to ask Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton questions, and no human was more real than Kenneth “Jerry From Parks and Rec” Bone.

    Here’s the original clip of the earnest, red-sweater-wearing fella asking two of the most powerful people in the world a question about energy policy:

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  • Naturally, this has led to a certifiable Meme Barrage. We covered a few of our favorite tweets in the video above, but here’s my absolute favorite:

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  • There’s also the 30 for 30 parody:

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  • And this hilariously bizarre parody by comedian Josh Androsky:

  • Even we got in on the act:

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  • Oh, Kenny boy. You might be the one person who can unite America this late in the election season. God bless you, Mr. Bone. God bless your sweatery heart.

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