It was just yet another very poor decision on Bieber's part.

  • Justin Bieber is here to interrupt your holiday. The Biebs was spotted wearing a straight-up whack disguise. He was walking out in public with a plaid shirt, a glue-on goatee, and a wig. It was really just a bad idea. The execution wasn’t great either. 4/10. This is after his >falling problems continued on stage.

    Bieber’s just really trying to not be bothered out in public. Unfortunately, he does a horrible job of it. Not only is his disguise immediately see-through, it looks like silly junk. The goatee alone, it just looks like the worst disguise.

    I understand the motive. Bieber’s reached that level of fame where he’s too famous and can’t go anywhere or do anything without getting hassled. But he’s got too much money as well. Money that could be put towards a good disguise, so he can continue going out in public. Hell, a Justin Bieber mask would be better than what he’s rocking. It looks like he’s trying to be his dad’s way younger friend.

    Even if it’s an on-purpose joke, I’m sippin’ that Haterade. Silly Bieber, you think you’re people.

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