Super Deluxe Brings You Trump’s Perspective on the Second Debate

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  • Super Deluxe is, according to its Wiki page, an “online video network, production studio, and technology company” — but we know them for their hilarious YouTube channel specializing in the weirdest of the weird. It’s absurd humor, modeled best by Eric Andre and other especially odd people (remember when Andre and Hannibal Buress ruined each other’s Tinders?). This time, Super Deluxe brings us their uniquely warped take on the second Presidential debate.

    The video focuses specifically on Trump. After that tape release we keep mentioning, Trump was facing more pressure than ever before. He lost the first debate, and he had to do better in the second. He did, but still totally lost..

    The video starts with Anderson Cooper calling on debate fan favorite Ken Bone. Bone, this time, is incredibly nervous, and has to be called on twice. Once he gets up he doesn’t finish his question. The second time, he gets it out. Trump answers as a fly buzzes around his head (this could be an Alex Jones shoutout). Trump then holds the mic to his tie, as if it will finish his answer.

    From time to time, Trump glows bright orange. There are also the occasional air horn blasts. He answers the second question, “do you feel you are modeling appropriate behavior”. He says his “nobody has more respect for women than I do” quote, and is laughed at.

    When it is finally Hillary’s turn, the video goes into Trump’s head. It’s a jumbled mess, as one could expect. The video features his best moments from the night, including his humping of the chair.

    What do you think? Is Trump himself an absurdist comedian? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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