We all have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for this.
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  • Hillary Clinton recently stopped by the Ellen Degeneres, and in discussing the second presidential debate, both agreed that Ken Bone was the REAL winner. (Even though some unsavory things have since popped up about him, which we’ll be covering later today.)

    Now that the Internet has turned Ken Bone into a meme superstar, Ellen has joined in on the fun and given us this epic Clinton vs. Bone dance battle.

    The spoof opens with Clinton speaking at the debate, and then it happens… she drops the mic and starts dancing her little heart out. Ken Bone follows up with some (interesting) moves of his own, but I think Clinton ultimately takes the cake. Even Ellen, who is known for always showing off her dance moves, complimented the Presidential nominee for her moves.

    Even though Clinton has her signature shimmy locked down, she admits that that was the best dancing she had ever done in her life.

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