Leo DiCaprio Is Living His True Self With New Captain Planet Movie

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  • Captain Planet is back to save us all from ourselves!

    Captain planet

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  • Hollywood’s own Captain Planet (and finally Oscar winner) Leonardo DiCaprio announced this week that he’s in the midst of working on a new movie. That’s right, DiCaprio will be producing a film adaptation of the 1990’s cartoon super hero Captain Planet, whose only weakness is… pollution. I’m seeing some parallels here!!!!

    In case you didn’t know, Leo basically is Captain Planet.

    DiCaprio is a longtime environmental activist, current U.N. Messenger of Peace, producer/narrator of upcoming environmentalist documentary Before the Flood, and overall eco-friendly dude. He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, and has pretty much been kicking ass since. The foundation supports over 65 organizations and environmental projects, and, according to their site, is currently working on Before the Flood, which airs on National Geographic October 30th.

    Twitter users had some nostalgic feels about the Captain Planet news.

  • Mad props for Leo.

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  • This guy just wants to be a Planeteer.

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  • No word yet on who will actually be playing our green hero, but here’s a super great video of Don Cheadle as Captain Planet to hold us over until then.

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    Unfortunately, it looks like Leo will only be producing the Captain Planet film, not starring in it. Can’t say how much I’d love to watch him rock that classic red (suit? it’s not really a suit), blue skin and green hair.

  • Until then…

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  • Who do you want to take the eco-friendly super role? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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