This Recut of the Melania Trump Interview Is Even Funnier Than the Real Thing

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  • When Melania Trump appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to respond to the Trump tape, she said a lot of things. Much like her husband, many of those things were nonsensical — like her blaming Billy Bush for everything. But what did matter was this video that came out of it. Created by Randy Rainbow, the video takes down Melania’s words in a brutal – but very funny – way.

    Randy Rainbow is an internet personality. He’s been popping up all over Facebook and YouTube, and has grown in popularity due to videos like this. Many of them focus on the words spewing from each candidate. His most popular videos are comic political recuts, like this one that has more than half a million views on YouTube:

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  • Rainbow focuses on the nonsense that Melania says in the interview. She says that sometimes she thinks she has two boys at home – the little one and the “like 80” one.

    Rainbow responds “that would be funny, if he weren’t running for President”. Because it’s true. When you’re running for President, you can’t be a child. And yet here is Trump’s spouse, calling him just that.

    What do you think? Is Trump a baby in a suit? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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