The Last Blockbuster’s Twitter Account Is a Must Follow

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  • Last I heard, Blockbuster was completely nonexistent. Ever since sites like Netflix have come around and created hit original series like Orange Is the New Black, and revived fan favorites like Gilmore Girls, the face of movie rentals has changed significantly.

    Before today, I really thought all Blockbuster locations had gone extinct. But if you’re in need of a trip down memory lane, just head down to the “Oak Lawn Shopping Center between 3rd and Main,” and you’re there! Or the “Oak Park Shopping Center,” depending on which “employee” is running the account that day.

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  • A lot of attention has recently surrounded the lone Blockbuster location because of its tweets, not only mocking itself, but the content they carry on their shelves in general.

    As a disclaimer, @loneblockbuster on Twitter lets followers know that they are NOT part of Blockbuster Corporate and are just a couple of store employees stirring up some hilarious commentary for their followers.

    Here are some of our favorite tweets from the store’s account:

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  • For those of us who used to bug our parents to buy us candy:

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  • For any Saved By the Bell fans:

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  • For those of us who don’t pity Blockbuster like we should:

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  • Okay, in case the mysterious shifting location thing and all those solid jokes didn’t tip you off, this is (sadly) not real. But we can still dream, right? Isn’t that what Blockbuster is all about?

    Bonus: the creator of @loneblockbuster gave a hilarious interview to the Daily Dot that you should definitely check out.

    Do you remember going to Blockbuster as a kid? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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