Mimikyu Is the Creepiest New Pokémon (With the Catchiest Theme Song)

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  • Mimikyu is a new Pokémon in the upcoming games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. It lives in the Alola region of the Pokémon world — a world where cuteness reigns. Mimikyu disguises itself as Pikachu to seem cuter than it is. And that makes it really creepy. Because it looks like it’s wearing the skin of a Pikachu, Buffalo Bill-style. It’s creepier, even, than when Maroon 5 transformed into Pokémon for their latest music video.

    Mimikyu, according to Bulbapedia, is a dual Ghost/Fairy type Pokémon. It uses the Pikachu “veil” as a disguise to make friends with trainers, doing so because of the popularity of Pikachu merchandise. So, in other words, Pokémon’s gone meta.

    Rumors in the Pokémon world say that if you see under Mimikyu’s veil, you’ll get cursed. Which is why that lyric is in the song. The veil may also be used as protection, as Mimikyu is weakened by sunlight.

    Mimikyu’s main desire is to be loved. That’s sweet, but the way it’s going about it is creepy. It doesn’t take a lot of convincing for me to believe it’s not Pikachu. But at least we finally have a rapping Pokémon! And its song is pretty darn catchy, too.

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