If Congress Was Your Co-Worker, He’d Get Fired

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  • With the presidential election just a few days away, Joss Whedon has enlisted another one of his many celebrity friends to encourage us to vote.

    Most recently, Chris Pine has decided to join the long list of celebs – Robert Downey Jr., James Franco, Matt McGorry – in Whedon’s campaign to keep Republicans out of office on election day. The new video focuses not on Trump, but rather on the borderline insanity we’ve come to expect from Congress.

    In the video, Pine plays an employee named Leonard. Although his co-workers express that they initially had “high hopes for [him],” they quickly begin to detail his demise.

    To make things simple, Pine turns out to be a big ball of temper tantrums who loves to abuse his authority. What happens when he doesn’t agree with the company’s health plan? He shuts the company down. What happens when the break room microwave practically explodes? He keeps it.

    Not satisfied with Leonard, the company finally bands together to vote to kick the guy out… to which he responds: “Oh sh*t.”

    If a “regular” employee acted like Leonard, they would surely be fired, so why is Congress allowed to act the same?

    This election day, Whedon is encouraging everyone to “remember who’s boss.”

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