Jon Stewart Makes a Triumphant Return to Savage Trump

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  • The world is whole again. Jon Stewart has returned to dismantle this sham of an election cycle. It’s been far too long, Jon. Just come on back, we’re ready. This return comes after he took over the Late Show desk to talk about the election, but before his upcoming HBO digital venture that we still, unfortunately, don’t know enough about.

    We need Jon Stewart now more than ever. Somebody to just rip apart today’s news. Yes, Seth Meyers and Sam Bee have done able jobs since Stewart retired from The Daily Show. But it’s not the same. It’s not the same.

    According to Towleroad, Stewart’s comeback wasn’t just the above video. More of Stewart’s standup act can be seen in the following tweets:

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  • Stewart has some fun with Donald Trump (in the same way that cats have “fun” with rodents). In the video, he recounts a Twitter beef between him and what could be the next President. In the above tweets, he talks about how the Trump Tape wasn’t locker room talk — that if he had heard Trump say such things in a locker room, he’d stop Trump because saying stuff like that is a freaking crime.

    With roughly 44% of the voting population wanting to make America “Great” Again, Stewart throws it back. He says that the election is going to be decided by two figures of the nineties – JonBenet Ramsey and OJ Simpson.

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