2016 Is Insane, Part 309,238: Woman Claims to Be Pregnant With Jesus

This girl claims she's pregnant with Jesus. Yes. That Jesus.
By Shepard Price

  • 2016 has been insane. Seriously. Like, we just need to be done with this year already. Between the election, the clowns, and just everything else going on this year. Muhammad Ali died. The Cubs won the World Series. We’re good on the year.

    Well, another thing happened. This 19 year old girl, who is not pregnant, claims that she is pregnant with Jesus. Like, she claims the second coming is in her empty womb. She appeared on Dr. Phil and was told by a doctor she was not pregnant. To which she responded with the legendary quote, “you can’t lie to Jesus, Dr. Stork”. Just watch.

    No, she’s right. You can’t lie to Jesus. Because he’s not currently on Earth. Or… wait. Is he inside her? No. That’s a no, right?

    Personal theory: we’re all in different insane asylums. This year is not happening, we’re all just simultaneously dreaming it. It’s still November of 2015. The last year has been a shared fever dream. Donald Trump lost to Jeb Bush. Joe Biden ran for President.

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