Guy Puts Amazon’s Alexa in a Big Mouth Billy Bass, Scares Everyone

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  • Somebody created a monster. That someone? Twitter user Brian Kane. That something? A Big Mouth Billy Bass (the talking fish) combined with Amazon’s Alexa. It’s like Siri grew a fish body. Instead of just staying the stepping stone towards Skynet.

    If you’re not terrified by Kane’s invention, I’m sorry, I can’t help you. It’s just unnatural. What’s Trending has spoken before about the uncanny valley, and this fits in there.

    The scariness just starts in the demon possessed “bong” sound that emanates from the fish’s mouth at the beginning. As soon as you hear that, you should understand that this is a real-life horror movie. Big Mouth Billy will find a knife and stab you while telling you the last time the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series.

    Naturally, Twitter had its own reaction to the fish:

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  • See, but I’m not trying to terrify my father

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  • Again. It’s just creepy. Certainly not a present I would get for my dad, because my dad is a human person.

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