This Sloth Is Single, Ready to (Slowly) Mingle

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  • We’ve covered how BBC’s Planet Earth II has gotten real, real quick with the iguana vs. snakes death race. Now, the second edition of the nature documentary series brings you something just as interesting, but a lot slower: a sloth.

    This sloth is on a mission, though. He’s not just chilling out in trees like sloths are apt to do. No, he’s swimming around, in search of a mate. It’s mating season, and even sloths need to find themselves some lovin’.

    The moss-covered male sloth searches high and low for a female sloth, and when he spots one, he climbs. Faster than I’ve seen a sloth move before. But, unfortunately for our boy, the female he spots already has a baby. Now that’s a sloth tot cock block if ever I’ve seen one.

    This means our friendly neighborhood sloth has to move on. Luckily, there should be plenty of available female sloths on the island around him. Too bad sloths don’t have Tinder. What would that even be called, sloth Tinder? What about Climbr?

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