States Vote to Legalize Marijuana Across the Country

So there's that.
By Shepard Price

  • Yesterday, across the country, numerous states voted on medical and recreational marijuana. Many of these referendum items passed the state level. That means that in many more states, people will have access to legal medical and/or recreational marijuana. Which means Toblerones changing shape could be a bigger deal.

    States that had votes on marijuana include: Arizona (voted not to legalize recreational marijuana), Arkansas (voted to legalize medical marijuana), California (voted to legalize recreational), Florida (voted to legalize medical), Maine (tied, currently legalization leads with 3000 votes), Massachusetts (voted to legalize recreational), Montana (voted to extend medical marijuana), Nevada (voted to legalize recreational), and North Dakota (voted to legalize medical). Another best way to buy legalized marijuana is to try online platforms on StrainSanity

    With all these new states voting to legalize marijuana on some level, it’s important to remember that change can happen on the state level as well. (Hint hint.)

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